Let's just get to the Downloads

In the end, this is what I produced that is tangible.

Plus a thesis.

Aside from my thesis, it didn't feel like I wrote all that much for this program. But now that I see everything collected, I suppose there was more than I thought.

The papers will also be located on the pages of the intensives or practicums they were written on or for (eventually), so check there to get a better idea of the context from where they emerged. Or just look here to find the full list.

Some papers have a password on them to protect the content of the organizations the work was done for. If you need the password, email me. If you already knew the password but just need a reminder, think about the place where intensive 2 lectures were held. Email me if you can't figure it out. This is only for people associated with the program who can respect the confidentiality of the companies involved, please.

I hope you enjoy these downloads

There are a few more special ones down below if you want to learn a lot more about me.

  • Downloads:
  • File Pajaro 1 Course Reflection
  • File French and Raven - Power and Influence video
  • File Pajaro 2 Course Reflection
  • File Organization and Culture Paper
  • File Anticipating Consulting
  • File World Bank Deliverables (PASSWORD)
  • File Washington DC Course Reflection
  • File France Strategy Paper
  • File Global Entry Model 1
  • File Learning Progress and POV
  • File Mersen Presentation (PASSWORD)
  • File Mersen Resources (PASSWORD)
  • File Lyon, France Course Reflection
  • File Appreciative Living Experiment (PASSWORD)
  • File Change Management and Complexity
  • File Proctor & Gamble Deliverables (PASSWORD)
  • File Costa Rica Course Reflection
  • File No Logo Book Report
  • File Global Entry Model 2
  • File China Course Reflection
  • File DISC Personality Assessment
  • File SDI Assessment
  • File Insights Discovery Assessment
  • File SLC Plan
  • File SLC Proof
  • File Thesis

Application Letter

This is the letter I wrote as part of the (extensive) MSOD application process. I'm a little scared to reread it, but it probably shows a bit of my state of mind before I started the program.

SLC Proof

This is kind of something from the end of the journey, but it started earlier and I associate it with my Learning Group and the earlier part of the journey when I was putting it together as much as the end achievement. PASSWORD PROTECTED.

My Thesis

It's on Situational Leadership in Retail. There is some original research built off of previous studies. The literature review was my favorite part, because of the way it has informed my concept of management and reengaged me in that passion, although I can't recall if any of that understanding comes across in the writing. I'm going to try to write a version that's maybe 2 pages too so its easier to digest.