I didn't know exactly what this was going to be. I let my expectations be vague and just showed up.

It turns out that MSOD was exactly what my intuition hoped for. Here are some of the stepping stones that have created my MSOD path, as best as I can present, connect the threads, and contextualize them.

First on the California Coast. But soon across the country and then the world.

I started this journey looking within. That hasn't stopped, but I've turned my eyes outward towards the groups I've joined in this program. And to organizations who've invited us in. All the while learning what makes us tick and how to grow.

Looking Inwards

Intensive One. Drive up the coast to a retreat amongst the central California dunes. Learn self-as-instrument.

Group Dynamics

Intensive Two. Back to the beach. This time, to deal with others. Group formation. And still grapple with the self.

Consulting Skills

Intensive Three. Where's the best place to practice consulting skills in Washington D.C.? The World Bank.

International Cultures

Practicum One. Lyon France and the Mersen corporation hosted us and gave us our next platform.

Costa Rica

Dynamic capabilities, appreciative inquiry, large scale interventions, meaning and community.


Now for something entirely different.

And I took a few pictures too

A Place to Remember

The seaside condos at Pajaro Dunes hosted some incredible experiences for me and were a great nest for personal growth.

Not a bad stage

The Pacific Ocean was also an ever-present reminder on both trips to Pajaro Dunes. Staring out to sea and listening to the waves crash even when out of sight both grounded me.

Joining the workplace

Not everyone loves their commute, but my trips into and out of D.C. to the Baltimore airport were a thill for me.

Taking in a Superior Culture

Lyon, France had everything for me. Everything.

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