This was just the beginning apparently

Intensive One @ Pajaro Dunes - Self as Instrument.

Pajaro Dunes

Discussing with roommates in a weathered cedar-shingled condo nestled in the dunes. Jogging out the physical along the beach. Walking and talking with a partner around the pond, lots of times. And mostly meeting all together in the building at the edge of the marsh from early to late.

I've never quite had an experience like I had during our first intensive at Pajaro Dunes, and I'm filled with awe, wonder, and fondness for the experience as I think back on it now. I couldn't have imagined it would be so good, and I can barely describe what happened. I want to understand what made it so special, and while components of that are clear to me, the comprehensive understanding is still elusive.

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Personal Narrative

I had one running through my head that I wasn't too aware of. Becoming aware of it also helped me realize there were some other narratives that captured more of my life experience and might serve me better to tell myself.

Insight Group

This was so great and has remained a critical experience to look back on throughout the program. Just a few of us sitting together trying to tell our narratives and share our inner committees. Crying and laughing and occasionally yelling into the sea. Sometimes its easier to talk about a rock then to talk about yourself.

New Community

We had virtually connected some before we met up in person, but it was nothing compared to being together. Nor would meeting up virtually feel the same after coming to know people in person. I didn't fully connect with everyone yet, but I went deep with quite a few people.