Here are the Papers I wrote

All in one place. Sometimes written with others. Collected for your convenience, without any context at all.

How many pages is this?

Aside from my thesis, it didn't feel like I wrote all that much for this program. But now that I see everything collected, I suppose there was more than I thought.

The papers here are also located on the pages of the intensives or practicums they were written on, so check there to get a better idea of the context from where they emerged. Or just look here to find the full list, chronologically.

Some papers have a password on them to protect the content of the organizations the work was done for. The password is the name of the house at Pajaro where classes for the first two sessions took place. Email me if you can't figure it out. This is only for people associated with the program who can respect the confidentiality of the companies involved, of course.

More available in Downloads that I haven't categorized so much.

SLC Proof

This is kind of something from the end of the journey, but it started earlier and I associate it with my Learning Group so I'm including it here with stuff from Practicum 2 where Learning Group Formation happened.