I Haven't gone to China yet

But I think its going to be great. I'm even sure of it.

What's going to happen?

I have no idea what's going to happen. I anticipate enjoying the opportunity to have most if not all of my preconceptions challenged. If my preconception is to have my preconceptions challenged I don't think that will make it any less awe-inspiring and eye opening.

The "Learn More" links don't do anything yet. I'll add my papers later too.

Throwing a Conference

I'm not on the steering committee putting this conference together, but I'm very proud to be associated with these guys and I know they'll do a great job. I'll be a useful participant and I'll learn a bunch from them. Maybe one day I'll be more like them.

Meeting some farmers

Our client group involves some farmers who work on a demonstration farm which is apparently also a leisure destination. Sounds great, reminds me a bit of the city farms in London.

Last Dance

This will be the final outing of out cohort. I'm saddened and inspired by this I can't wait to see what happens and make some stuff happen.