Standup Routine

Sometimes people tell me I’m funny. Not everyone thinks that, but some people think I’m really funny. Sometimes those people tell me I should be a comedian. I try to tell them I can’t be a comedian because I don’t have any material: I just say funny shit when it occurs to me or in […]

PSP Initial Impressions

Worried that I was being too productive with my free time, I “decided”* to buy a PlayStation Portable today. When it comes to irrational behaviors, spending chunks of money on things I don’t need is one of my favorites. Here are my initial thoughts after playing around with this new toy for half an hour. […]

Last Words

I just came across this quote of Giuseppe Zangara‘s alleged last words as he was lead to the Electric Chair. Not bad. I’ll have to think of something to have handy if I get the chance to deliver some dramatic last words. “Get to hell out of here, you son of a bitch [spoken to […]


I had a really great dream about Dan last night. I was conscious enough during the dream to realize I was dreaming, and to know that he is dead, but also quickly reminded myself that it was still real as well as that this was a true communion with Dan’s consciousness, as far as I’m […]

… and the level after that.

Taking it to the next level, and the level after that. Only a pretentious, pompous, self-satisfied ego-maniac would ever claim to live life by such a maxim. I certainly make no effort to engage in life so extraordinarily: I seldom even behave as if the notion of passionate engagement had ever even crossed my mind. But that […]

A Year in Six Packs: 2007

Check out the video for a slide show of my drinking habits and tastes (in 2008). Not every six I drank at home is included, but most are. A few 4 packs snuck in there, but I left out all the 12 packs and cases for balance. Lots of IPAs this year, especially from big-shot […]