Black and White Debates?

How about if the debates were filmed and broadcast in black and white?

I was just looking at some photos (here) from the first Presidential debates that made me realize that I really love Obama as a person, even though I still intend to vote for Ralph Nader on principal. Holy Jesus, I hope Obama is elected.

Anyhow, the set for the debate was ridiculous: blue walls, red carpets, weird neo-deco lecterns, and script font wall projections of the Constitution or some other document of Democracy (it was illegible). What the fuck is that? Some more cartoon imagery pretending to represent a falsely presupposed understanding of an unstated concept that doesn’t exist based on fallacious and illusory patriotic nostalgia, I guess.

So I thought, “wouldn’t it be dramatic and nice if they shot these debates in startling close-up under starkly lit black and white?” Especially appropriate, I thought, in a race where race is a central though unspoken issue. Like in the recent dramatization of Edward R Murrow, Good Night, and Good Luck. That’d be sweet, and it might help me suppress my gag reflex.

Also, on the issue of race: What the fuck, you racist hill-jack fucks!?!* Stop voting for causes that don’t benefit you. Just because most rich people in America are white doesn’t mean you’re on their team, idiot.

*Obviously, this statement only applies to certain people. Hopefully you can tell who you are. I love you.

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