Port of Call New Orleans

Every trip to New Orleans requires a visit to Port of Call, and every visit to Port of Call commemorates a guaranteed heroic day and journey.

At the front door they will lie to you about the wait time, ignore that and put your name on the list. Shove past more people to get to the bar. Order one large Monsoon per pair of people in your party. Drink them in the grass on the neutral ground outside while you wait for your name to be called. Do not hurry, these drinks will put a shine on any day. Ponder how wonderful it is that you can just drink in the fucking streets in New Orleans and admire how responsibly you are using this privilege.

It’s your turn already, faster than you expected. Apparently half the people on the list left before getting a table based on how many names they’ve been yelling with no response. Every table is great. Order a burger with shredded cheese and a baked potato. It is wonderful. Eat it. You are feeling amazing. You are having a great time. You’ll wish you had ate more of this before drinking so much of your Monsoon, you’ll still need a food base for the rest of the day’s drinking.

Walk it off. Stroll down Royal. Get another drink at R Bar. Keep going to Frenchman. Stagger up and down all night, this is a great day.

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