Category: Politics

  • Power Dynamics, Academically

    I just remembered that I made a narrated video a couple years ago during grad school that explains the basics of power dynamics within groups according to French and Raven’s important theory. Power dynamics are always worth checking in on I believe because they’re constantly at play in most interactions. Take a look.  

  • Thinking About Free-Market Capitalism

    It’s surprising we haven’t burned it all to the ground already

  • Maybe Money Isn’t That Bad

    The updated $100 bill design isn’t as bad as some of the shit-talkers are making it out to be.

  • Link: Can the Cars

    Some press on Wired about reducing space allotted to car based transit in major cities. Duh, that makes sense. I’d like to see more of this kind of talk.

  • Black and White Debates?

    How about if the debates were filmed and broadcast in black and white? I was just looking at some photos (here) from the first Presidential debates that made me realize that I really love Obama as a person, even though I still intend to vote for Ralph Nader on principal. Holy Jesus, I hope Obama […]

  • How to get yourself elected

    To me, these are the only acceptable positions on current political issues: Gay Marriage. Are you kidding me? Of course gay people can get married or do whatever they want and deserve full protection under the law. It’s called equality and if you don’t stand for it you are garbage. Moving on. Iraq. Totally fucked, […]

  • Why is the white guy the most radical?

    God, I would love to elect a black man or a chick! Believe me man, I want nothing more than the most radical change possible from this dogshit-crap-fest we are currently calling our democracy. What a perfect time for a woman and a black man to be staging serious runs at the White House! But […]

  • At least someone is paying attention

    It’s hard to beat John Gruber’s opening clause here: I’ve been up to my ears in jackassery lately, -> but it’s nice to see someone in the media effectively acting like a watchdog these days. It’s not just Gruber, either. Lately there seems to be a lot of independent but popular writers in the Mac […]