I can’t decide which is better:

Show me your stupid.

I'm with stupid.

I also think that this zune logo is almost cool, but it doesn’t make sense in three dimensional space. What are those vertical lines right down the center? Are they supposed to be diagonal cross bars on the top and bottom horizontal planes, or are they vertical supports on opposite corners and if so why? I don’t think any structural engineer would sign off on this icon design: the slightest weight on the top would likely result in an immediate racking, shifting, and collapse of the whole thing. Which sounds like a plausible future for the Zune, actually.

It should actually look like this, if you want to see the Z:

Zune Z logo

Or like this if you don’t want it to turn into a pile of web 2.0 colored rubble:

Zune Sturdy Logo

(those are on me Microsoft, I know your designers are hopelessly lost)

Which brings up another point: no one will ever accuse this product of having timeless design. While the 5 year old iPod looks a little clunky (compared to todays iPods, it’s still more elegant that the Zune), it’s white and polished metal appearance still looks brilliant. This brown turd Zune box with neon highlights will look as old as day glow yellow leotards in 5 years. Admission of internal contradiction: I actually like the box colors, they’re just not timeless.

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