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  • Post-Modern Architecture was Born the Same Day as Modernism

    Post-Modern Architecture was Born the Same Day as Modernism

    Modernism will last forever in architecture, but it also ushered in the next wave almost immediately. Postmodernism in architecture was born the same time as modernism.

  • Maybe Money Isn’t That Bad

    The updated $100 bill design isn’t as bad as some of the shit-talkers are making it out to be.

  • The PS3 was Designed by Morons

    After having played around on my PS3 for many hours over several months, I can confidently say that the Software and Services appear to have been designed by total fucking idiots. UPDATE: Never finished writing this post from a couple months ago, but upon review it looks just fine to me the way it is.…

  • PSP Initial Impressions

    Worried that I was being too productive with my free time, I “decided”* to buy a PlayStation Portable today. When it comes to irrational behaviors, spending chunks of money on things I don’t need is one of my favorites. Here are my initial thoughts after playing around with this new toy for half an hour.…

  • Sean Haefeli Concert

    April 16th, Double Door, Chicago. April 28th, Dakota Lounge, LA

  • use iPhone Simulator for web testing

    The new iPhone SDK comes with an iPhone simulator named Aspen Simulator, which is a full iPhone emulator and includes a few built in Apps including the iPhone Safari (Mobile Safari, Safari Touch?). Using this simulator is a sweet way to test how webpages look on an iPhone without using a scrunched up Safari window…

  • Leopard’s Preview No Longer has Creepy Icon

    The Preview application in OS X never rouses a lot of fanfare as it’s functionality is pretty basic, but it’s one of my favorite programs. As a PDF viewer, it’s thousands of time faster than Adobe Reader and that alone makes it priceless. But the icon has always been sorta creepy. In most aspects it…

  • Commonalities

    Common’s new album: Finding Forever is firstly awesome, but also has this cool detail of the Chicago skyline on the cover art that reminds me of the header image up above. Cool!

  • Sean Haefeli Vector Art

    Here is the original illustration that I used for Sean’s new album art, free from effects and surroundings. Crappy nasty gradient edition.

  • Changed my mind about the CS3 icons

    In response to my Dad’s curiousity about some people talking about the new CS3 icons (one didn’t like them and linked to Adam Betts’s replacements: Betts CS3) I wrote this: Good question. Icons are a passionate topic for many Mac users. Mac icons have always been better than Windows icons, with the capability of being…