jeff hottinger

Hello friends, glad you could make it out to my website.

From time to time since the late 90s, I’ve frequently had the urge to tinker around with a website. What you see here is most likely the result of the last time I had this urge. There is a previous version over here too, but I think it has some problems that I'm not planning on fixing. You should also be able to find a much earlier version at

I’m writing this new site by hand again, and of course as with any time I start over I have forgotten nearly everything I've learned before. This time it’s simple CSS layout techniques that are absent from my brain, so even the easy stuff is taking a while. It’s a little bit frustrating when I know I’ve been able to do something identical before, but it’s still fun to tinker around. How do you get a footer to stay at the bottom of a page and have it work on a mobile device too?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Here’s a page about the iTunes icon. It’s about the only thing here so far. Oh, and now this page about the Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer