Category: Interface Design

  • Replacement Byword Icon

    Byword has become one of my favorite apps to write in, even just as a scratchpad sometimes, from amongst many, many Markdown text editors. It works great in OS X 10.10 Yosemite too, but I find the icon clashes in my Dock with the new style of system icons. I get the typewriter key idea, […]

  • The PS3 was Designed by Morons

    After having played around on my PS3 for many hours over several months, I can confidently say that the Software and Services appear to have been designed by total fucking idiots. UPDATE: Never finished writing this post from a couple months ago, but upon review it looks just fine to me the way it is. […]

  • PSP Initial Impressions

    Worried that I was being too productive with my free time, I “decided”* to buy a PlayStation Portable today. When it comes to irrational behaviors, spending chunks of money on things I don’t need is one of my favorites. Here are my initial thoughts after playing around with this new toy for half an hour. […]