Category: Business

  • Power Dynamics, Academically

    I just remembered that I made a narrated video a couple years ago during grad school that explains the basics of power dynamics within groups according to French and Raven’s important theory. Power dynamics are always worth checking in on I believe because they’re constantly at play in most interactions. Take a look.  

  • Two-factor Management

    The post discusses the author’s exploration of two-factor theories in management, particularly Situational Leadership. Originating from the author’s Master’s thesis, the content delves into the model’s relevance and its connection to other management theories. Despite more modern models gaining popularity, the author finds value in these traditional theories and is working on making them accessible,…

  • The Thing About Microsoft

    Daring Fireball linked and commented on a couple Microsoft pieces recently, and while I largely agree with them I feel a bit of dog-piling going on. Awkwardly and surprisingly, I find myself wanting to defend Microsoft. This won’t go over well. It’s likely that this recent bout of comparisons was spawned by the┬ánews that Apple’s…