Two-factor Management

As part of my Master’s Degree I wrote a thesis on some research I did. You can download it if you want. It’s about Situational Leadership, which is an interesting old-school model for management and one connected to many similar models that have shared origins in time and concept. I wrote up a basic explanation […]

Standup Routine

Sometimes people tell me I’m funny. Not everyone thinks that, but some people think I’m really funny. Sometimes those people tell me I should be a comedian. I try to tell them I can’t be a comedian because I don’t have any material: I just say funny shit when it occurs to me or in […]

Oscar Niemeyer and His Casa das Canoas

This is a repost to this blog from other web locations, this is an essay I originally wrote in college circa 2000 while studying architecture and have updated some over the years: Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer brought the International Style to South America, transforming and elaborating upon the movement in the process. Known primarily for his […]

The Thing About Microsoft

Daring Fireball linked and commented on a couple Microsoft pieces recently, and while I largely agree with them I feel a bit of dog-piling going on. Awkwardly and surprisingly, I find myself wanting to defend Microsoft. This won’t go over well. It’s likely that this recent bout of comparisons was spawned by the news that Apple’s […]

The PS3 was Designed by Morons

After having played around on my PS3 for many hours over several months, I can confidently say that the Software and Services appear to have been designed by total fucking idiots. UPDATE: Never finished writing this post from a couple months ago, but upon review it looks just fine to me the way it is. […]